“This film will really help our retailers, and the efficient production helps us.”

Jack Martin, Altra footwear marketing UK.

Challenge: How to increase attendance at Altra’s ‘Zero Drop-in’ sessions.

Altra is a relatively new footwear brand into the UK market. Their distinctive innovations need some explaining, and face-to-face retail events are vital in this early stage of their UK development. The brand wanted to support their retailers and help build attendance at the sessions.

Solution: A simple film for retailers to share.

We told the Altra story really simply with bold on screen type (sized for small screens). We filmed simple sequences and edited them together with existing brand footage, using the brand’s colour to tie everything together. The short film was sent to retailers to allow them to send on to their databases.

ClientAltraServicesEditing. Motion Graphics. Graphic Design.Year2019Linkwww.altrafootwear.co.uk


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