Dr Ron Hill M.B.E., running legend, sadly passed away last month, and the outpouring of respect and admiration from the running community is testament to his stunning achievements.Graham Richards, Brand Director at RonHill says this:
“I have been amazed at the amount of calls and emails I have received from all over the world and the tributes on social media have been amazing and prove how much Ron was respected both as a world class runner and also a pioneer in the development and innovation of running apparel.”
Ron was probably best known in recent years for his record breaking run streak, over 50 years of running everyday. But he was far more than just a runner; a maverick who wouldn’t accept the status quo; he earned a PhD in textile chemistry at Manchester University, and promptly set about revolutionising running kit.
Much of the running kit that people around the globe will be running in today, owes some legacy to Dr. Ron. This Runner’s World article captures Ron’s many lives perfectly:
“Nothing came easy to Ron Hill, but that didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams. From world records and gold medals to unusual race nutrition and innovative kit design – he knew how to make a plan and grind out a result.”
If you haven’t yet been on a run today maybe this quote from Ron will be the motivation you need:
“Just get your kit on, step out the door. You’ll be as right as rain”
Run in Peace Ron.